There are lots of simple energy saving tips on our “energy saving tips” page but probably the quickest, easiest and most substantial saving could be made if we all stopped flying …

Consider this: “A flight to the USA and back has the equivalent CO2 emissions per passenger mile, as driving an average family car for a year.” It is by far the most polluting form of travel and unfortunately, the budget airlines are encouraging more and more people to take to the skies, on unsustainable cheap flights, with little or no consideration to the impact this is having on the planet. So its easy to see how we could all make a huge impact on the world’s CO2 emissions by stopping holidaying abroad and start to enjoy our own country for holidays again, as we used to do years ago.

Economists tell us that we spend more abroad than tourists from other countries spend in the UK, so it would make sound economic sense, to stay and spend our money in this country. It’s human nature to try and make money stretch as far as possible.

Think about it, by continuing to fly abroad, you are basically saying that your holiday in the scorching sun, is more important than protecting the planet for your children’s future!

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