We must all consume less and recycle more.

Consider this :

For everyone in the world to live in the manner that we do in the ‘Western World’, it would take 3 to 5 planets like Earth, just to provide the raw materials. Exploitation of other people and their environments throughout the world for the ‘Western Ways’ of consumption and waste is a massive problem.

To try and live at a sustainable level on Earth, we in the ‘Western World’ must reduce our average consumption of raw materials by 65% to 80%. As consumers we need to be very cautious.

So why recycle?

1.) Generally, we use less energy to recycle a product than to manufacture a new one from raw materials. This saves finite resources of raw materials, like oil to make plastic but it also reduces the carbon dioxide emissions generated during the manufacturing process.

2.) It reduces the size of the holes we need to dig to dump our rubbish in. Otherwise, we will all soon be living on a landfill site.

3.) It reduces the amount of rotting rubbish in landfill sites, which presently churns out huge amounts of methane and toxic fumes, adding to Global Warming, as well as releasing poisonous chemicals into our streams and rivers.

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