Domestic Tradable Quotas

Let’s call them DTQ’s for short. This is a system which places a limit on the amount of Carbon Dioxide (the main greenhouse gas) that the United Kingdom can release into the atmosphere each year. And it will be the forerunner to Contraction & Convergence worldwide.

The emissions (or carbon units) making up this annual limit, are divided equally and free-of-charge between all UK citizens. Under DTQ’s, everyone gets a fair & equal share of the nation’s emissions budget.

Everyone would be issued with an electronic ‘carbon card’ and a quick swipe would see carbon units surrendered whenever someone bought a travel ticket, petrol, gas ,oil or electricity.  High energy users will need to buy more units than they initially receive and low users will have units to spare which they can sell for cash. Trading can take place on the internet, by phone or at local post offices.

Colin Challen MP, has now put the DTQ’s Bill before parliament. Full details of this bill are available under the “articles” section.

The bill has been developed in partnership with Drs Kevin Anderson and Richard Starkey of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research.

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