Climate Change is now the biggest problem mankind faces : FACT

Today, not a day goes by when a televison/radio news broadcast does not highlight at least one story related to Climate Change and its catastrophic effect on the planet – when are we going to get the message that – WE MUST ACT NOW

This group was established in the Lanarkshire town of Biggar in mid 2005, by a handful of individuals, concerned that not enough was being done by the Government to educate people fully on the potential impacts of climate change and to provide practical tips and solutions to help mitigate the problem.

Our aim is to get this message across using any means at our disposal. We also intend to lobby politicians, media people and celebrities to get involved in the campaign and assist us to spread the message to a wider audience.

We believe passionately, that we must all change our lifestyle quickly, in order to make a positive impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.”

Would you like to help us?

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