Contraction & Convergence

The planet has now moved into a really rapid phase of greenhouse gas build up, where the increase has doubled to 2.6 parts per million per year. The planet’s ability to absorb CO2 is slowing down and in some cases is producing a positive feedback of greenhouse gases. This is where additional emissions are generated naturally by the planet, from things like forest fires and thawing permafrost in Siberia releasing millions of tonnes of methane.

So we have to move fast to control and reduce our human generated emissions and its pretty obvious that persuading people to reduce their emissions by the amount required ( 80 to 90% reductions by 2030) is completely futile. So the only logical solution is to quickly introduce rationing and give everybody in the world an equal Carbon emission entitlement, which would be tradable. This is where Contraction and Convergence (C&C) comes in.

Using current information, climate scientists calculate that each person’s share of Carbon Dioxide equivalent emissions, should converge to about 1 tonne per year by 2030 and then further reduce thereafter to about 0.2 tonnes by 2100. This compares to current emissions anywhere between 5 and 20 tonnes per person in the developed world, so the reduction required is going to be massive. To hear more about C&C and the eminent people who support it.

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